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After returning to yoga after not practicing yoga in years, Kalli's class in Epsom is great. Perfect pace and Kalli talks through everything. A very relaxing and intuitive session which leaves you revitalised. Thank you Kalli!

Edel Gallagher

My husband and I are so glad we found Kalli. Her classes are meticulously prepared - each week is different but builds on the learning of previous weeks. Now that Kalli knows us, she also pre-empts any challenges we may face with a specific exercise and suggests alternatives. Kalli is enthusiastic, gentle and she makes yoga fun and accessible for total beginners like us. Kalli's classes are small, enabling her to provide all the support you need or want. Our yoga class with Kalli is like our mid-week reset button - we feel physically and mentally refreshed. I would wholeheartedly recommend This Little Yogini for anyone considering to take up yoga.

Cat Simeon

Yoga and I haven’t always worked. I can’t keep quiet for 5 mins never mind 45. If you tell me to be quiet all I want to do is talk or giggle. This is the first class that I’ve felt comfortable in, taking is allowed (not incessantly) and I can giggle when I feel silly. I came away loving yoga, Kalli has such a great presence and makes you feel totally at ease. Highly recommend.

Tammy Iddenden

Child's Pose


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