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7 Types of Rest That You Need

We now live in a world where we are constantly connected and constantly available. Many people are suffering burnout, physically and mentally, because they're no longer able to find moments of rest.

Which is why #selfcare is trending so much. And it's brilliant that it is because as a society, we need to embrace more time out, more unplugging and more rest.

There are 7 Types of Rest that we can all benefit from, and they are:

1. Physical Rest

The one that most people associate with rest. Sitting still, napping or sleeping.

Which are great ways to rest passively. But did you know that you can also actively rest your body? Gentle walks, doing yoga or stretching, getting a massage or having a bubble bath are also ways that you can rest your body.

2. Mental Rest

Being able to offload your thoughts or just 'switch them off' for a while. Listening to music, doodling or writing in a journal can help your brain to rest.

3. Sensory Rest

One that I'm trying to embrace. Switching off from all devices - TV too. Literally unplugging yourself from 'society's mainframe' and just being you.

4. Social Rest

Whether you're a social butterfly or prefer small and intimate gatherings, we all need time off. Hanging out by ourselves to recharge our social batteries.

5. Spiritual Rest

For most people, it's important to have a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging or being able to look after their community. Spiritual rest might be dedicating time to charity, meditating or committing regular time to your beliefs.

6. Emotional Rest

To be able to process and express your emotions. You might do this by acknowledging your feelings, sharing them with a friend or professional, journaling or finding healthy ways of expressing and dealing with your emotions.

7. Creative Rest

It reawakens you to new ideas and inspiration. Creative rest ideas? Visiting a museum or watching a theatre show or film, doing art, listening or dancing to music, reading a book or doing some writing.

And I think the beauty of so much of this is that it reminds me of being a child, when I was carefree and happy, and often bored (great time for imagination).

This is just the beginning for me, in terms of this field of study, and I look forward to introducing more rest, relaxation and mindfulness to classes in the future.

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